Air movement in a home is the key to a happy family. Two great products to increase extraction of bad air and circulation are Exhaust Fans and Ceiling Fans. Exhaust fans are often included by a builder due to mandatory building code requirements. A 6 Star Rating requires exhaust fans to be sealed when not in use to prevent air escaping into the roof space. This has resulted in higher quality motors being used.

You may not have considered the look or function of your exhaust fan, but you may wish to include something stylish in your new home, especially in highsteam areas like bathrooms to prevent dampness on the walls. In addition to basic manufacturer options, an Exhaust Fan/Light combination with streamlined aesthetic or a higher airflow quality is a great option too.

Ceiling fans could also be considered in bedrooms and alfrescos as an alternative to air conditioning and keeping the flies off your dinner on a humid afternoon.

Aluminium fans in white and stainless steel come in varied sizes, and are available through the two main manufacturers Clipsal & HPM Legrand. However, if you are looking for something different, visit Ventair to have a look at their range, which has some light attachment options – great for bedrooms to avoid strobing from existing lights.