Smart Switching


Create advanced switching options with relatively lowtech wired solutions for everyday convenience. SelecTec will help you create a well thought out switching design to avoid those troublesome areas where you wish you had a switch for a light, or some advanced lighting control.

Great lighting works even better with advanced switching functionality.

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Switches can not only be functional, they can also match the styling of your home. With a huge range of options from our two leading suppliers, check out the options online by visiting our partner websites below.

Download the colour selector app ‘HPM
Legrand Selector’ now to review the premium finishes available through Legrand. No time to download the app? We have all options on display at our SelecTec showroom.


Beautiful lights can be made all the more functional with a dimmer to control the amount of light they provide, perfect for multi-use spaces like the living or dining room to set the right mood. Dimmers come in many different varieties, from rotary through to push button as well as new smart dimmers controlled via an app.

Check out the smart dimmers through our Partners Page via Diginet Sitara, which can be linked with receivers to provide app control in-home or whilst away. It’s great for additional security measures in a FIFO lifestyle or for those who travel regularly.


Multiple switching (2WAY, 3WAY) where one light circuit is controlled from multiple points. For example, the entry hallway lights are switched on and off from the garage entry, front door entry and the main living space.


Sensors in your ceiling to detect movement and turn on lights are great for sculleries and walk-in wardrobes where there is only one access point and often limited light. New sensor mechs in a switch plate can offer a similar function to ceiling mount, but with more switching control for override functions.