When considering your home’s power point needs, it’s a great idea to walk around your existing house to see where your current points are, and where you might want to move or add power points. Ask yourself, do you want them hidden or accessible? What height would you like them at?

There are so many various aesthetics for power points, so also consider what stylish look would suit your new home best.


USB chargers and new induction charging is also something to consider as we move to more streamlined solutions within the home. Keep in mind a hard-wired connection is always going to be faster than wireless, but it can be great for visitors so you’re not chasing down different cords and areas where you want to be clutter free. We recommend a mix of different options throughout the home.


Apart from a standard power point, there may be some areas of the home where you’re looking to have a specific outlet for a particular appliance in the event of future projects, such as:

  • Electric car
  • Pool pump
  • Solar
  • Air conditioning
  • Induction hotplate
  • Under floor heating
  • Shed


If you are considering one of these options, it’s best advised to first speak to the relevant supplier prior to your appointment e.g. your pool company or air conditioning supplier, to receive information on what power supply size is required at each location. This knowledge is crucial to us here at SelecTec so we can move forward with recommending the right solutions.

Modern homes are using more and more power each day due to the large load it takes to run some
appliances. A home may be recommended or required to change from Single Phase (standard supply from Western Power) to Three Phase. Your SelecTec consultant will assist you when considering this option.


Outdoor power is also handy in your alfresco or outdoor entertaining space to connect your fridges, rotisseries, portable speakers and for charging phones. There are also some aesthetically pleasing power points for outdoor kitchens too, and don’t forget to add a weatherproof power point for running Christmas lights, your reticulation and your electric gardening tools.