Shine the focus on your home’s features with well-planned lighting solutions, especially if you are building a two-storey home where your options may be limited in the future. Almost all modern lighting is now manufactured with LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology, which allows for a longer life, a brighter output and truly unique fittings. SelecTec endeavours to bring you a broad range of lighting options from Perth’s leading suppliers. Be sure to check out our partners page for all the latest fittings.

While you may not know exactly what fitting you will choose, it’s ideal to have knowledge of what type and function you may like when it comes to the main fitting types.


Exterior Wall Lighting does not only perform the functional task of lighting up dark spaces, it can also be used to highlight outdoor features. For the front elevation of your home, you’ll be amazed at the options available, from the traditional Cylinder Up/Down Light to the unique Ori Three Directional Light. The choices are endless as this type of lighting defines the style of your home and creates a first impression. Functional exterior lighting can also be achieved through the use of Bunker Lights or Spot Lights, and work well when combined with sensors.

Most exterior wall lights can also be used internally.


Down Lights are recessed spotlights providing general lighting coverage. They are popular for streamlined illumination and suit all homes. With the evolution of LED technology, Down Lights have come down in cost over recent years, and they last longer. LED Down Lights will help you avoid constantly changing globes and reduce your energy use.


Pendant Lights add a sense of atmosphere to a room, truly defining the look and ambiance. They can highlight the features of your home, such as your large island bench or entry, and can define spaces like above the dining table.


Interior Wall Lights are used as an alternative ambient light source. There are also some dynamic options for specific functions including reading lights. Check out the Codex by Unios, with 3-touch dimming options.


Oyster Lights are a great single room option which are both cost effective and low on energy consumption. With the advancement of LED technology, they are streamlined and minimalistic to suit every home, and come with dimmable options.


Other light types to consider in your home are:

  • Star Lights – smaller down lights for niches & recesses.
  • Step Lights – soft hallway or stairwell lighting recessed into the walls.
  • Up Lighters – recessed into decks or flooring to highlight a wall.

There are so many different lighting options available, but don’t worry! We will help you make an informed decision on the best product to suit your needs and budget with most lights on display in our stunning showroom. Great lighting works even better with advanced switching functionality.