Control & Integration


Beautiful lighting is enhanced by seamless lighting control options at the touch of a button. With the introduction of products like Google Home Assist, Amazon Alexa and Blue Tooth Lighting Control through to traditional electrical switch gear, there are different options available to have you living like the Jetsons in no time. Unsure on all this high-tech malarkey? That’s okay! Just let your SelecTec consultant know it might be something you wish to consider in the future, and we can offer some prewire options.

We strongly encourage you to check out our Partners Page to review some of the lighting control options we support. It’s a constantly evolving sector, and we are looking forward to more revolutionary products in the not too distant future. Watch this space!


Smart technology and its functionality can be rendered useless if you don’t have the correct tools to access and control it. While apps are great to use on the phone or tablet, with so many different devices in the home it can be advantageous to have all your systems controlled by just one overarching system.

Your smart home technology should be run over a fast, reliable and secure network of hardwired and wireless access points. This can often be assisted by installing a data rack as an alternative to an enclosure. It houses all your hardware boxes in one location for easier interaction between the services like alarm systems and CCTV.

A lot of these services also require your internet connection to be established and active in your property, which is something that is not often ready to go at the completion of your build. For all your smart technology options, our preferred installers can provide commissioning and handover to ensure you get the most out of your system.